What’s it all about?

I have attempted every diet in the book, you name it I’ve tried it:

Weight watchers, slimming world, Cabbage soup diet, Exante, Slimfast, Hypnotist,         5:2 diet, Aktins, Hairy Bikers diet books, Boo tea, Slimatee, Juice plus… and thats only the ones I can remember!

None of them worked for me, I needed a diet that would cut out food completely for a while, so I didn’t have choice or the opportunity to make the wrong choice. With Cambridge Diet my biggest choice is which product I fancy not which meat, roast potato’s yes or no, or to try and resist that Yorkshire pudding.

This diet takes that choice away from me for a while and lets my unhealthy relationship with food have a break.

The Cambridge Weight Plan has 6 steps in which you can choose which step is right for you. The steps varies in calorie intake and differs in the amounts of food that you eat. I am starting on step one and just having 3 Cambridge products a day. These include, soups, bars, porridge, smoothies, shakes and meals. I also am going to drink 4 litres of water everyday, the diets states that you need to drink at least 2.25 litres however most people doing this diet state that the more you drink the more you lose and as I already drink about 3 litres of water a day a bit more wont hurt and it keeps your tummy feeling fuller.