Day 22 – 22/05/17

It's weigh day..... and I lost another 4lbs Thats 20lbs in 3 weeks! Not been very well over the weekend, but stayed on plan and feeling better this morning, especially after seeing the scales. Next week in the 15s!!! I'm not going to lie, this diet is hard, but depends on how much you want… Continue reading Day 22 – 22/05/17


Day 18 – 18/05/17

As most of you will know I've been having a rough few days.... not feeling 100% myself if I'm honest. Then these arrive at work.... The card only says 'I Love You x' But I know exactly who they are from, just to make me smile when I've been having a rough week! Ashley is… Continue reading Day 18 – 18/05/17

Day 15 – 15/05/17

I LOST ANOTHER 5LBS!!!! THATS 1 STONE 2LBS IN TWO WEEKS!!! I am over the moon.... all that hard work and tears has paid off!!! Its still hard everyday thinking you are missing out on things but it's coming off and I'm closer to my goal everyday! Roll on this week!!!