My Consultant

Lucy isn’t just my consultant, she’s practically family.

Lucy has known me since I was 2 and is the daughter of my godmother.

She is so supportive, texting and phoning to make sure I am ok and always available to chat if I’m having a wobble as she has been through everything I am going through, she understand how hard it is and how rewarding it is to keep with it.

This is Lucy story….

Lucy started the Cambridge diet end of August 2015 on Sole source. Lucy’s realisation that she wanted to lose weight was that she wore a dress to ones friends wedding then a couple of months later wore the same dress to someone else’s wedding and it would barely do up, at that point she knew she had to do something. At friend at work had started Cambridge and Lucy could see the results she was getting and decided to start Cambridge. Lucy reached her goal in February 2016, losing 5 stone.

After having great success with Cambridge herself Lucy decided to become a consultant to help others that wanted to lose weight and achieve their goals, following a weight plan that really worked and is nutritionally balanced.

If anyone on the Isle of Wight would like to start the Cambridge diet or would like more information please feel free to contact Lucy.

Phone: 07774560283


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