Day 85 – 24/07/17

Weigh in day….. I put on 3lbs!!!

Fuming is an understatement!

After speaking to my consultant we think this is due to a variety of reasons that have gone on the last week. 

  • Not drinking enough water. Only been able to get down the min 2.25 litres. Going to make sure I get the 4 litres everyday this week. 
  • Not been very well and have been taking day nurse/night nurse that contains sugar. 
  • Have missed products as it feeling great and couldn’t force it down when I wasn’t hungry. This can stop weight loss as not getting all the vitamins etc that’s in the products
  • Had a few SS+ meals, that wouldn’t have helped as my body isn’t used to food at the moment 
  • Last but by no means least TOTM… don’t you just love Mother Nature! 

So this is my excuse this… but seriously really disappointed but I’m not letting it get me down! 

I want to lose this weight and I’m going to power through.


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