Day 66 – 05/07/17

Afternoon all,
Struggling today… my mind being in overdrive probably being the reason!

I’ve been working long days at work,

Due my B12 injection next week… the week before its due I get so tired and a lot more grumpy than I usually am,

Viewing wedding venues,

Looking and lots of other wedding stuff we are trying to get sorted before we move,

We have just been accepted renting the flat we picked in Newbury and im trying to sort moving all mine and Ashley stuff over,

Oh and some family stuff going on as well….

Oh and its roasting again…. being fat does not help in the summer…. winter yes but not summer!!!

Tell you what viewing flats was an interesting experience….

We viewed 6 flats in under 3 hours, some were disgusting and crawling in places!!!

But the one we went for is nice and in a good area right next to the racecourse and by the time I add all my stuff will be just as nice as my place now…. just got to get it all there in one piece.

Anyway that’s probably why I’m struggling today… downing my water and booked into see my consultant Lucy after work for a boost!


4 thoughts on “Day 66 – 05/07/17

  1. Gosh you are so busy love, keep up the diet I’m sure you can do it. Have a wonderful time with the preps. Charley going to Chorley tomorrow to meet her husband so fingers x in that dept.

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  2. NICE???? Soon to be daughter-in-law, and one of my fave peeps – that is one amazing first home for a newly engaged couple. Good on ya guys! Di and I look forward to our first free sleep-over – should we bring Malcy Thermomix curries or do we dine out at the Lock Stock and Barrel?
    When you’ve moved in, Di suggests you free up some space in your freezer and we’ll bring up some frozen curry sauces for you.
    Don’t you just love your outlaws!!!! Lol xx


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