Day 57 – 26/06/17

Afternoon all,

Again sorry for being so quiet…. since getting engaged it kind just spiralled. There is not excuse really but just one event after another and it was always, I’ll start again tomorrow or next Monday.

I have found it so hard to get back on plan its unreal…. I have heard people say once you come off its 10 times harder to start again and they are not wrong.

I have put on weight, retained water and now have a face the Michelin man would be ashamed of. It was time to bite the bullet and get back on plan.

I decided to go and see my consultant last night and get the kick up the bum I needed to start today.

I weighed in again this morning …. put on 8lbs…. not great but not horrendous.

Current weight is 16 Stone 9lbs, I haven’t been drinking enough waster and I have been eating and enjoying a few drinks.

But we are back on it today, I have 5 weeks until mine and Ashley’s engagement photo-shoot and I want to be down 2 stone in that time.

Wish me luck!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 57 – 26/06/17

  1. Good luck sweetie I am sure you can do it. Get back in there. I have lost half stone in 3 weeks and not really dieting as such so sure you will lose more. Lots of love as always. X


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