Day 26 – 26/05/17

‘You have the power to achieve anything you want to achieve, its all within you, you just have to change your mind-set so that you can get it’

I pinched this quote from a lady I have been following a little while now on instagram called Elle, Feathering the Empty Nest. Her instagram and blog are full of her life. Elle is interior obsessed, a bee fanatic, pug lover and mummy to the very handsome Boris and most importantly mother to the beautiful Teddy who sadly passed away just a few days old, just over a year ago. She truly is an inspirational women and terrific fundraiser. After Teddy passed away Elle set herself a goal of raising £20,000 for the Ashford & St Peter’s Charitable Trust – Little Roo Neonatal Fund who looked after Teddy for the short time he was with them. She smashed this goal with the help of friends, family and her instagram following and to date has raised over £25,000. If you would like to donate to this amazing cause for Teddys legacy then please go to the Just Giving page.  This lady probably has no idea how many people she reaches and inspires on a daily basis, she doesn’t know me but has had me crying with laughter and sobbing in tears from her blog and her insta stories.

Anyway moving on from my insta crush/stalking of Elle, this quote I love as it can be interpreted many different ways, people read into it based on their situation at the time.

I am on my journey to achieve losing 105lbs, currently 20lbs down. I still a long way to go but I’m getting there, my mind-set has changed with the help of Cambridge and after 3.5 weeks on plan with no slip ups I’m in the zone and ready to smash my target once and for all.

With a bank holiday this weekend this is going to test my will power again. Saturday I’m at Goodwood races and food festival 😢 luckily a friend of mine has just started Cambridge too so we can sit and eat our bars together instead of pigging out with the rest of them. Its all about how much do you want it…. and I really want it now.



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